My Manifesto

We are more than physical existence. We are energy, part of the universal energy. This belonging is the key towards a superior understanding of our lives. Becoming aware of our own potential is actually what pushes us forward and makes us lead a balanced, happy and self fulfilled life.

I launched Upperself, because I accumulated a knowledge that became a responsibility to share. I understood profoundly that people put themselves hindrances and all sorts of barriers, consciously or not, in the way of their own happiness. They create their own addictions and dependencies and blame it on the external causes, on what actually happens to them. I also know that most of the times, people need an impulse towards self-knowledge and liberation.

Self-knowledge is a process and a personal journey. It usually starts with a punctual but colossal personal revelation that everybody might have sooner or later, in the dawn or in the full manifestation of their maturity: that life is not only about “to have”, about ego, about socially validated success or about the obsessive cult of the body in exchange for a decent hygiene of the soul.

There is something higher than that, subtler and infinitely more precious: the upper self, the revelation of one’s own potential to choose better, to be balanced and simply happier. And there are concrete solutions to get there.

Personally, I would love to be able to help people get in authentic contact with themselves and understand their own given and potential.

This is my professional manifesto and my personal pledge.