One plus one makes …us.

Couple needs to be understood as a self-standing entity with its own dynamics. Two different people meet with different backgrounds, different aspirations and they get to live a common “playground”. And because each of us comes with a different life set-up, becoming aware of what the other brings with him/herself is a necessary step towards obtaining the couple harmony.

Couple analysis from an energy-informational perspective clarifies the elements of compatibility and traces the ones that hinder couple harmony. It is a fascinating journey of self-discovery while mirroring in the other.

The perfect couple is not necessarily the one in which partners are rather alike but the one in which they are complementarily balancing. Against common opinion, we might have our perfect match not in those that validate, but rather in those that are opposed to us, that are stirring us, making us fight our own comfort and push us towards change and professional evolution.

It all starts with becoming aware of compatibilities, while profoundly understanding the set up of the other and respecting these differences. In the end, this process leads to a long and rewarding journey in two.


Cost/session: 250 lei