In our lives, we usually follow a road that society drew for us: we go to school, we find a job, we get married, we make a family, but despite all this we might lose a clear sense of our direction and meaning in life. Many “missions” pull us apart, we start feeling the compromise that lies in what we do and maybe the guilt over what we don’t do.

Getting a clear sense of our own mission is the first step towards a more fulfilled life. When you stumble upon the role of your life and become aware of it enthusiasm, energy, balance and happiness come along.

The most important information with which we come to this life is the Destiny Number. The Destiny Number helps us identify and know deeper our innate talents as well as our personal assets and vulnerabilities. All this information is encrypted in our energy –informational matrix, which is our energetic fingerprint at the birth.

In numerology, the Destiny Number talks about the unique way to fulfill our mission in life. The idea that every person has a unique mission in life is the fundament for respect among us, whilst being capable to state “my mission” as different from “your mission” is the real key towards tolerance and respect. Acknowledging your true mission places yourself correctly in the path of your life, validates your choices and prevents you from comparing with others as a major source of unhappiness. There is innate and unique value in each of us, which remains to be unveiled.

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