Nowadays, when we have instant access to knowledge, we hear more and more about the need for self-knowledge. Among the information clutter we seem to have lost ourselves and the multiple masks we wear daily seem to have overshadowed our authentic self.

Upperself kits were conceived as a set of concrete tools to guide people towards the discovery of self-potential, and unleash interior forces: barriers acknowledged, interior profile once known and mastered, once the pieces of puzzle put together, new perspectives open. Yes, self-actualization can be taught, step-by-step. It is not a gift, not a granted good but a practiced discipline.

Self-knowledge and discovery is the fundament of a balanced, healthy, happy life and it can be consciously achieved. It is the premise for interior freedom and authenticity.  

It is true it assumes courage – the courage to face your true self, fears, barriers and the power to internalize positively whatever your life brings in.


Cost/session: 300 lei