What is Hypnosis?

It’s a natural psychological process through which the critical factor of the mind is avoided and it’s established a selective way of thinking and perception. Hypnosis facilitates communication which the Subconscious, helping us to get over the protective filter of the Consciousness.

Hypnosis itself is just a tool, a key, an instrument which allows us to open the gate to the Subconscious, where we can achieve the desired changes and transformations.

Hypnosis represents the ability to focus inward. By relaxing the body, the attention can be transferred from the information retrieved through the external senses to those of the inner senses.

What is Hypnotic Regression?

Hypnotic Regression is a hypnotic technique, dubbed also the “Queen of Hypnosis”. Basically speaking, Hypnotic Regression is nothing but a vehicle that takes us from the present to a particular event in the past. Its purpose is to reveal what happened, where, when, with whom and also to discover how the person in question was affected by the event. Depending on the purpose, it can be therapeutic or recreational (therapeutic when we want to find the cause of the problem we face and fix it, and recreational when we want to get or relive certain events.)

Cost/session: 300 lei

What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

It’s a technique used especially with customers interested in the spiritual aspects of life, with a holistic view of life and of the universe they belong. This technique is recommended in various situations (for instance, when people feel confused after losing contact with themselves, with their depths, cannot find their way), aimed at reaching a state of equilibrium and inner harmony.

Cost/session: 350 lei