There is a trend and a constant reality nowadays among parents to believe that they know what is best for their own child, because… they are the parents.

As a result of this irrefutable truth, parents overlook the real desire to get to know their own children in depth, in their own datum, in their inner complex realities.

They take decisions in the name of their children, although their life decades differ significantly and nowadays children live in a world with fundamentally different set up and challenges. Parents naturally tend to judge after their own experiences or social and educational background.

Upperself helps parents discover the real assets, the true potential or unknown vulnerabilities of their children. It is an in depth knowledge, substantiated by the desire to cultivate human value, to discover and foster true abilities and finally to support the growth of a balanced and happy adult.

Only when we take in full consciousness the role of a guide for our children, we can offer a real support to them and in the same time let them experiment and live the uniqueness of their path in life.


Cost/session: 250 lei