Credo and values



In a world of an unbalanced body-mind-spirit ratio, Upperself takes a pledge in offering personal development services through self awareness and self-actualization: a professional guidance towards holistic development. The final objective is for everyone to have access to his or her elevated self and to take the control of their own life, decisions and happiness.


  • Integrity: Allowing people to get access to themselves, in a guided manner calls for a flawless moral conduct of the counsellor or therapist. Counselling in this respect is a matter of trust, full competence and deep respect  for the human being in its entire complexity.
  • Empathy: At the fundament of any therapy stands the power and the skills to deeply understand human needs. Empathy is the key to understand human relations and nurture positive changes in life.
  • Kindness and tolerance: All we do is rooted in the authentic desire to make people more comfortable with their choices, without being judgmental or pushy. The spirit and the mind once liberated, we help people discover more of themselves and choose better paths in the most diverse situations of their lives.
  • Knowledge: Self-actualization can only happen on the territory of a holistic experience through many experiences and special interactions. Upperself cultivates holistic knowledge to facilitate individual knowledge.